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FQA Community Living

Here are our most commonly asked questions about living at Hillier Park. If you have any other questions, or would like to speak to someone regarding your personal circumstances, please contact us today.

Who lives at Hillier Park?

There are over 450 people living at Hillier Park, the majority of whom are retired, however there are people who work.  Resident ages range from 50 up with most in their late 60’s or early 70’s.

What security of tenure is there at Hillier Park?

Hillier Park’s Fixed Term Residency Agreement is in accordance with the Residential Parks Act 2007.  This document prescribes rights and obligations governing both parties.

How do I know that Hillier Park will not be sold for re-development?

Gawler Council and the State Government have zoned Hillier Park as a “Residential Park” which ensures it must operate as a residential park and cannot be changed to tourist use.  The Park has applied to Gawler Council to add more sites, demonstrating it plans to be here for decades to come.

Which organisation runs Hillier Park?

Hillier Park is operated by Pandora Lifestyle Villages Pty Ltd (registered office at 81 Flinders Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000) which is a family business.

What happens if I/we decide to sell our home?

Your home belongs to you, so you may sell it on site and retain the full sale price, or use an agent.  To purchase the home, the buyer must be of community age and meet all entry criteria. In rare instances, you may wish to remove your home from the Village. Check with Management for requirements should you choose this option.

Is my home willable?

Your home is part of your estate.  You heirs may choose to sell the home, remove it (see above) or can apply to live in the home if they are of community age and meet all entry criteria. The Estate is responsible for payment of site fees until settlement.

What Social activities can I join in?

Most people live in the Park to actively enjoy its lifestyle benefits, but you are free to join in social events or not.  If you’d like a copy of the social calendar, please contact us here. These events are organised by an active volunteer social committee.

What social and recreational facilities are there?

  • Two beautiful swimming pools, one exclusively for residents and one permitting residents and family (when accompanied by residents).
  • Large Community Hall available for private function bookings (limited dates).
  • Daily social events (please contact us for a copy of the social calendar)
  • Recreation Hall featuring Billiard Room & well-equipped gym.
  • Active vegetable gardening club with plots (fee required).
  • Caravan/boat/trailer locked storage with undercover area available (fee required).
  • Small shop with papers, magazines, puzzle books, stamps, etc.

Can my family and grandchildren come and stay?

Yes, your family are most welcome to visit or stay for short periods, remembering you are responsible for their behavior while they are on the Park.  Stays for longer periods require management approval and fees may apply.

Can I/we have a pet?

Hillier Park has a no animals policy, however some of our residents do have birds or fish.

We love going away, is there any storage for our caravan available?

We do have van storage available for all residents at a small cost.

What security is there at Hillier Park?

A number of factors contribute to the safety and wellbeing of the Village.  The unique closeness of homes and resident vigilance is an excellent “community watch” process and doesn’t compromise your privacy.  This is complemented by the 24 hr emergency phone service. The rural positioning and fenced perimeter of the property adds to its security.

Are there building or landscaping restrictions for the outside of my home?

Yes, Council and Park requirements for your home and site are listed in the Site Development Regulations available from the Office and are regularly updated.  Please read them carefully and ask questions prior to arrival or commencing any work to avoid disappointment or even financial embarrassment if your project is non-compliant.  Plans for external alteration and additions must be submitted in writing to the office.

Will my mail be delivered to Hillier Park?

Yes, every site has a mailbox with matching number.  Mail is delivered in bulk and sorted into individual mail boxes at the office.  Hillier Park is an Australia Post Community Postal Agency and sells stamps and small pre-paid packages.

Can I get Pay TV and internet access?

You can have Pay TV and/or internet access connected to your home. Contact your chosen retailer for information.

What transport services are available?

If you choose not to drive or cannot, Link SA and Adelaide Metro buses are available from the park office, these services will take you into Gawler or to the train station. The nearest train station is Tambelin, which is about 15 minutes walk away which will take you to Munno Para, Elizabeth or the city.

Which Shopping centres are nearby?

Hillier Park is 5 minutes to Gawler which is well serviced with shops, supermarkets, medical facilities, hotels, cafes, library, TAFE etc.  Both Munno Para and Elizabeth Shopping Centres are about 15 minutes drive/train-ride away. The Barossa Valley is about a 20-30 minute drive from Hillier Park.